This HP Chromebook is one of the best Memorial Day laptop deals we've seen

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The HP Memorial Day sale is in full swing this week and this HP Chromebook 14a is now just $299. That's a 21% discount off its normal $379 price, making it one of the best Memorial Day laptop deals we've spotted so far.

The HP Chromebook 14a isn't the most powerful laptop out there by any means, but for a $299 Chromebook, it has a lot going for it. First off, a 14-inch 1080p HD display is definitely a positive at this price. The 8GB of RAM is some of the fastest single-channel memory you can get, too, which is more than enough for a resource-lite Chromebook.

With Memorial Day sales now upon us ahead of this weekend's kick-off to Summer, many more of the best laptops and best Chromebooks are getting some healthy price cuts.

Memorial Day laptop deal at HP

HP Chromebook 14a: $379Save $80 -

HP Chromebook 14a: $379 $299 at HP
Save $80 - The HP Chromebook 14a is a 14-inch full HD Chromebook with 8GB RAM and a dual-core AMD processor. That means it's a reasonably powerful laptop, even at its retail price, so the extra 21% saving this Memorial Day makes it even better. Get it if you need a basic yet capable machine at a fantastic price.

Chromebooks tend to be some of the best laptop deals we see since they are already some of the most affordable devices on the market. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the Chrome OS operating system, you don't really need a powerful device to run it. That means you can get by on lower-end hardware but still come away with a great laptop for a fantastic price.

More HP Chromebook deals

Just because you're not in the US to celebrate Memorial Day doesn't mean you have to miss out on the best Chromebook deals, with offers available in your region.

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