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10 best-selling unlocked phones for Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the wild deals that spawned around them, have come to close. Though a lot of the best savings are over, there's now a boatload of information on what the shopping season's most popular items are.

Thanks especially to the online shopping of Cyber Monday, it's easier than ever to get details on what the best-selling products were. Taking a look over at Amazon, we can see which phones were hottest on Cyber Monday, and compare the low prices that were available around Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the prices that are typically available. 

Here's a look at the 10 top-selling unlocked smartphones at Amazon on Cyber Monday:

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB - black
No surprise that one of the best phones on the market was also the top-selling individual phone on Amazon this Cyber Monday. The Galaxy S8 is a powerful device with elegant design, and Amazon had it on sale for less than $600 making it substantially more affordable than usual.

Essential Phone 128GB - black
The Essential Phone is an impressive first device from Andy Rubin, the creator of Android. It has a top-notch internals, an impressive design, a display much like the iPhone X and a unique feature that allows modifications to attach and augment the capabilities of the phone. Usually it's priced like a flagship phone, but Amazon had it on sale for $449 during the shopping fest.

Huawei Honor 6X 32GB - gray
Huawei broke the ranks with the incredible price of the Honor 6X this Cyber Monday. With a price tag around $150 during the shopping weekend and Monday, this phone offers an impressive budget phone with a Full HD display, a large 3,340mAh battery and a dual-lens camera on the back.

Essential Phone 128GB - white
The Essential Phone scored double over Cyber Monday, as the incredible discount on the device helped earn not only the black model but also the white model a place in the top 10 slots. If Amazon combined the sales numbers for the two, Essential might even have given the Galaxy S8 a good fight.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB - black
When the Galaxy S8 goes on sale, usually an equally attractive deals pops up for the Galaxy S8 Plus. Cyber Monday was no exception. While the Galaxy S8 was $574, the Galaxy S8 Plus  just $100 more than that. For anyone that wanted one of the best phones with just a bit more screen, the deal would have been a no-brainer.

Moto G5 Plus 64GB - gray
Motorolo's Moto G5 Plus consistently proves to be a solid budget option in terms of quality and the value it offers. Normally it's priced around $239 on Amazon, and it's still a good deal at that price, but Cyber Monday saw the cost drop as low as $179, making it a true steal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB - black
Given how new the Galaxy Note 8 is, it came as a surprise just how significant Amazon's discount on the phone was for Cyber Monday. The Galaxy Note 8 is usually just shy of $1,000, but Amazon discounted it to $779 for the shopping extravaganza, and shoppers were quick to pick up the scent, earning the Note 8 a spot in this list.

Huawei Honor 6X 32GB - gold
If the first appearance of the Honor 6X in this list was a surprise, get ready for more. The gold version of the Honor 6X was another top seller, with a similarly low $149 price tag that's actually still available. While the gold model wasn't as popular as the black, it's an otherwise equivalent phone, making it an equally brilliant deal.

Huawei Honor 6X 32GB - white
Continuing Huawei's strength on Cyber Monday, the white Honor 6X also landed a spot on the list. The combined sales of all three colors of the Honor 6X are undoubtedly a sizable sum, and may have even challenged or bested the Essential Phone or Galaxy S8.

iPhone SE 32GB - gray
One of Apple's best budget options, the iPhone SE is the only Apple device to make the list of best-selling unlocked smartphones from Amazon on Cyber Monday. The iPhone SE has a list price of $399, but Amazon had is as low as $259 leading up to Cyber Monday, and shoppers snatched it up.

Anyone on the market for a new smartphone would be wise to keep their eyes on the phones in this list. These devices didn't just sell well because they had low prices. 

While the deals on each phone were incredible for Cyber Monday, all of the phones are solid choices even at full price. All of them offer quality build, design and internals that are unlikely to leave anyone feeling like the didn't get their money's worth.