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Critter Crunch review

Monster themed gem-matching game for your iPhone

Critter Crunch
Critter Crunch for the iPhone

Our Verdict

Our favourite iPhone game so far


  • Clever gameplay


  • Cutesy graphics won't be for everyone

Yes, it's essentially another gem-matching game, but there's a twist. You control the little monster at the bottom, and use your long sticky tongue to feed smaller monsters to bigger monsters. When they're full they pop, releasing point-giving gems or power-ups such as garlic to force everything up a line, or watermelon pips to shoot unruly critters down.

It's a little too sluggish to load, but it's adorably Japanese and some clever thought has been put into gameplay to ensure that it's not just a dumb point-and-tap affair.

The styling may be a bit too schoolgirl for some, but we love it; Critter Crunch is probably our favourite game for the iPhone platform. At least until Nintendo releases Mario Kart. (May never happen, but it's good to dream…)