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Asus GTX 560 Ti 448 Core DirectCU II review

An early graphical Christmas pressie from Nvidia and Asus

Our Verdict

A cooling masterclass by Asus, but the real GTX 570 can be picked up for around £260-odd.


  • Almost a GTX 570
  • Performs well at high-resolutions
  • Overclocks brilliantly


  • Rather large
  • Limited shelf-life
  • Around the same price as a real GTX 570

Asus is the first company to get this limited edition GTX 560 Ti 448 Core graphics card onto our testbench.

Now the dreaded limited edition tag has been handed to graphics cards many times over the years and generally it doesn't make for good things.

Most of the time, in the GPU world, it means a graphics card being thrown out to see how many of the general public will take the bait and pick up a hobbled version of a decent card.

Recent history has seen the fantastic GTX 460 getting that treatment with the GTX 460 SE in the November of 2010.

At a time when the GTX 460 was in great demand this slightly cheaper, weaker card hit the distributors and I'll wager a great many missed the SE tag in the name and simply thought they were getting a bargain.

They weren't.

Nvidia though, and by extension graphics card manufacturers like Asus, haven't taken the same route this time. The GTX 560 Ti 448 Core is not a hobbled version, in fact it's quite the contrary.

This new version of the GTX 560 Ti is a far superior beast than it's older sibling.

So what makes it so much better?