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Asus Disney Netbook review

Asus updates its Eee PC line up with a Disney netbook. You know, for the kids!

Asus Disney Netbook
The Disney branding runs throughout this netbook right down to the Mickey Mouse webcam on top of the monitor


  • Nice use of Disney branding
  • Good operating system for kids
  • Good build quality

With the original Eee PC seemingly ideal for kids, it was only a matter of time before we saw more netbooks aimed specifically at children. The Asus Disney Netbook is a brightly coloured product – available in either Princess Pink or Magic Blue – with prominent Disney branding.

The basic design of this machine is very similar to Asus' existing Eee PC 1008HA Seashell netbook – with a thin and curved clamshell design, rounded edges and an integrated battery.

The 8.9-inch screen offers bright colours and a matt-TFT finish that's ideal for hiding greasy fingerprints.

The 1024 x 600-pixel resolution is standard netbook fare, although there's more than enough space to create and edit documents or browse the internet in comfort.

When starting this machine, you can choose between the standard Windows XP interface or a custom theme aimed at kids. Both layouts offer a Disney theme, but the latter also adds large and easy-to-use icons and simple games, making it ideal for younger users.

Parental controls

Using the XP interface, parents are also offered a host of controls, letting them restrict their child's use of applications between set times.

The machine itself offers surprisingly good quality, with the shiny plastics proving robust. Attention to detail is also impressive, with the Disney theme running throughout the chassis and even a Mickey Mouse-shaped webcam in place.

The keyboard is small, but perfectly formed, and is great for use by those with smaller hands and fingers.

There is a full set of ports for adding peripherals, including three USB, one VGA and a memory card reader.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet are both built in, making it easy to connect to home or school networks.

Although the Asus Disney netbook may not offer anything new, it's a great machine for kids and is a surprisingly strong product for the money.

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