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Mobile phones can remove fillings

Try and keep those gnashers healthy and white if you use a mobile
Try and keep those gnashers healthy and white if you use a mobile

A study from an Iranian university has found that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones can cause the mercury in fillings to loosen and be released.

The study, conducted by the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences using 14 students, measured the amount of mercury present in their urine after use of a mobile phone.

Worryingly, the study states: "The microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones has a significant impact on the release of mercury."

Silver (mercury) lining

The reason for this appears to be that the sealing components used to shield the rays are the same used to shield the fillings in teeth, causing the mercury to become separated.

It's not just mobile phones that cause this effect, apparently those with fillings should stop watching TV, looking at computer screens and using microwaves if they want to keep all their mercury. Perhaps a trifle over the top there, Shiraz Uni?

But there is some good news. Given that mobiles use the same amalgams for protection as fillings, recycled mobile phones could soon be making their way into your mouth!

See, silver lining and all that.