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Man sues neighbour for using an iPhone

Wi-Fi causing US resident illness
Wi-Fi causing US resident illness

A US resident is to sue his neighbour for using Wi-Fi and her mobile phone in the house next door.

Arthur Firstenberg claims he has electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) which makes him suffer headaches and memory loss, and dates back further than a decade.

Doctors have validated his illness, stating that he is severely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and chemicals.

His complaint is that Raphaela Monribot knew of his condition when she worked for him, and was initially sympathetic, turning off her mobile in his presence.

iPhone sensitivity

But then she moved next door, within 25 feet of Firstenberg's home, and left her new iPhone, computer and lights on constantly, and also installed Wi-Fi too.

Firstenberg has said that he has to live with friends or even in his car since the ordeal made his condition worse, and has now moved to stop his neighbour from using the 'harmful' equipment.

The case is ongoing, but we'll be watching with real intrigue to see what happens - and whether downloading an application can actually illegally give your neighbour a stomach ache.