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Student beats tech industry to the punch with 20-second phone charger

Eesha Khare and her battery charger
More than just a piece of plastic

A 19-year-old high school student has invented a game-changing device that can charge your phone in 20-30 seconds. Somehow though, this only won her second place.

At the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Phoenix, Arizona, Eesha Khare stunned judges with her makeshift supercapacitor that can rapidly charge batteries.

Second place still comes with a hefty $50,000 (around AU$51,000, £33,000) prize, and, on top of that, Google is already showing a lot of interest in Khare's concept.

She also gets TechRadar's "outstanding stuff, please make this happen for real" award, which we're sure she'd sooner take over the money and Google any day.

Via Android Community

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