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Kissing via mobile phone

The KissPhone: pucker up

One look at George Koussouros’ KissPhone had the TechRadar news team pulling ‘WTF faces’ earlier today. It's a mobile phone that features an artificial mouth allowing you to share kisses with loved ones via mobile.

Long distance relationship

Koussouros describes his job as a ‘freelance inventor’ (as opposed to a salaried inventor? – Ed). And he describes his KissPhone thus:

“The KissPhone detects percussion speed, pressure, temperature, and sucking force of the lips, when you kiss it. An artificial mouth on the KissPhone receptor can reproduce the same parameters. So the customer is able to...
...send or receive kiss from distance,
...leave or receive a kiss in answering machine,
...repeat the kiss saved on the phone or
...relay it to other people, or upload kiss in the web
...receive kiss from a kiss bank as the one from Madonna or from an imaginary Hero!”

While TechRadar likes the concept, we are not sure in which public spaces we would feel very comfortable kissing a phone. So we'll file this one under 'nice in theory, daft in practice'...