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Take a look at the Microsoft smartwatch that could have been

Microsoft Watches

Behind closed doors, Nokia showed off a smartwatch to certain customers at Mobile World Congress 2014. Then Microsoft bought Nokia and the project sadly got shelved.

Twitter leaker @Evleaks found a piece of promotion art on a Tumblr blog run by Microsoft design employee Pei-Chi Hsieh.

It shows off the Microsoft Moonraker with orange, green or black straps and the whole thing is quite reminiscent of the Sony Smartwatch 3. It doesn't exactly look like the kind of watch James Bond would wear though, despite its Bond themed name.

It's unlikely we'll see this very watch make it to our wrists, but we can imagine Microsoft launching something that doesn't feel a million miles away.

Watch wear

Microsoft Moonraker

All we can see so far is it's square and the Windows Phone looking interface but not much else is known yet.

Here's a shot of the apps we could have been using including messages, calls and what looks to be maps software.

Microsoft Moonraker

Microsoft hasn't confirmed whether the project is back on the cards and we very much doubt it ever will be. But it gives hope for those who wanted to see Nokia's wearable out in the real world.