The Samsung Galaxy Watch is now TechRadar's best smartwatch in the world


We've just published our Samsung Galaxy Watch review, and we really like it. We've considered the price, design, screen, functionality, apps, battery life and much more, and we've found the watch has earned top spot in our official TechRadar best smartwatch list.

In our in-depth review Matt Swider said, "The Samsung Galaxy Watch has the best design and slickest operating system of any smartwatch we’ve tested. 

"It resembles a real watch, has a healthy number of auto-tracked workouts, and its core software operates intuitively via the rotating bezel. The four-day battery life allows for more doing and less charging. "

In at number one

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has bumped the Apple Watch 3 from the top spot in our list, which has sat at the top spot for almost a whole year since our review was originally published.

Samsung may not have the number one spot for long as there have been lots of watches announced at IFA 2018 that we've yet to review and there are rumors of both an Apple Watch 4 and Google Pixel Watch.

Any of these could easily rank in our best smartwatch guide when we've fully reviewed them, so it may be our ranking will change dramatically in the coming months.