Review: Sharp's fantastic new 37-inch LCD TV

Sharp Aquos LC-37B20E
The new range is Sharp's best ever

In recent years, Sharp has attracted a fair amount of denigration from TV critics the world over. It had fallen behind the likes of Samsung in the race to build the best LCD TVs. But that all looks like it might be changing.

Sharp is gearing up to launch its stunning range of super-ultra-slim LCD TVs in 2010, but until then its relying on its merely quite-slim TVs to carry the torch.

Sharp on the march

The new B20E series represents an enormous step forward for Sharp. Because as we found out from reviewing the Aquos LC-37B20E this week, this new range is fantastic.

It’s very slim, black levels are great and the motion judder found on most past Sharp LCD TVs has been all-but eliminated.

Sharp can now be considered an attractive option for everyone buying a new TV. And the great thing is that when its 10th-generation LCD plant opens in Japan in 2010, we’ll be seeing TVs that go far beyond what we’re seeing from LCD TVs today.

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