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Samsung shows off C680 and C490 3D PDP TVs

Samsung's latest 3D offering
Samsung's latest 3D offering

Samsung has shown off its latest 3D PDP TVs, with the previously announced C680 and C490 both offering 50 inches of screen that both use less power and let you see them from a wider angle.

The Samsung C680 and C490 televisions have not yet been given a UK release date, but the higher end PS50C680 will be priced at around £1,125 and the PS50C490 at around £915.

"Boasting vivid 3D stereoscopic images, Samsung's new generation of 3D PDP TVs, the C680 and C490, continue Samsung's line-up expansion and leadership in 3D TV," said Samsung's release.


"This new generation of Plasma+ offers superior picture quality with its Clear Image Panel technology, a wider viewing angle, and consumes 40 per cent less power compared to 2009 models.

"The new models also offer consumers more options in creating a personal, affordable, at-home 3D experience. Featuring Samsung's exclusive 3D Hyper Real engine control for colour, contrast and motion, the C680 and C490 also deliver optimal picture quality with vivid 3D stereo images on a 50-inch screen."

The C680 also boasts DLNA 'Allshare' technology.