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Reinstalling Windows 7? The free Convenience Rollup includes every update you need

Download the Windows 7 Convenience Rollup
Download the Windows 7 Convenience Rollup - five years of updates in one bundle

If you've ever reinstalled Windows, you'll know the tedium of installing update after update to bring the operating system up to date, repairing security holes and improving performance. If you're reinstalling Windows 7, that hassle is now over – Microsoft has just launched a pack of updates it's calling a Convenience Rollup, containing every update since the release of Service Pack 1 in 2011.

To download the Convenience Rollup, visit Microsoft's Update Catalog using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Unlike a Service Pack, the Convenience Rollup isn't essential for all users of Windows 7, and if your OS is already up to date, you can safely ignore it.

You need to install Service Pack 1 before the Convenience Rollup, and it'll occupy 4GB of drive space, but once you've finished you'll have every Windows 7 update from October 2009 to April 2016.