Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Now that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update has been out for a while, just about everyone has access to the new Windows 10 features that help make the OS better than ever. Even if there have been (and still are) some October Update problems, there’s still a lot to love. So, we’re going to break down the major and most vital features and enhancements that come with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Cloud Clipboard and Clipboard History

If your day looks anything like ours, you probably copy and paste about a million things per day. Fortunately, Microsoft made the process easier for everyone with the latest Windows 10 update. In the October Update, a Clipboard History is on hand to keep track of everything you’ve copied. All you need to do is hit Win + V to access different items you’ve copied, saving you a ton of time.

That’s not the only Clipboard feature included in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. There’s also the Cloud Clipboard, which syncs your Clipboard across different devices, saving you even more time, especially when you’re using multiple Windows 10 devices, and allowing you a more seamless workflow if you’re using those different devices for work.

Your Phone App

With the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, there is way more compatibility with your phone if you’re an Android user. Natively within Windows 10, you can now add photos from your phone, respond to messages and so much more. Finally, Windows 10 and Android users have access to some of the cross-platform capabilities that the Apple ecosystem boasts with macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

October 2018 Update Issues

This review pertains to the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10. For detailed Windows 10 system requirements and the various versions, check out the Microsoft website.

Snip & Sketch

Microsoft has killed the Snipping Tool that we all know and love in the October 2018 Update, and replaced it with Snip & Sketch, which we must admit is considerably better. Instead of having to open a program, hitting Ctrl+N and dragging a square over what you want to capture, you can simply hit Win + Shift + S to immediately jump into a partial screenshot. You can use a traditional box, circle or even draw a custom shape. In addition, your screenshot will immediately go to your clipboard, saving a ton of time.

It’s a huge improvement, and an example of Windows 10 adopting some of macOS’ best features.

Storage Sense

One of the biggest drawbacks of Windows 10, or any modern desktop OS for that matter, is the sheer amount of clutter that can build up on your hard drive over time. Luckily, the Windows 10 October 2018 Update offers a fix – Storage Sense.

This impressive new technology will automatically archive old, unused files in the cloud, while getting rid of local files. This is a great middle ground between archival and free disk space, since you still have easy access to all the files that have been uploaded to the cloud. 

Windows 10 News App

One of the major features of macOS Mojave was the iOS News app getting ported over to the desktop, and Microsoft has followed suit with a revamped Windows 10 News app. This nifty little news aggregator will collect all your news in one curated location, which you can customize however you want. The bonus? It looks incredible.

Dark Mode in File Explorer

Windows 10 has had a Dark Mode for years now, but for some reason File Explorer was stuck with its all-white color scheme. Luckily, the Windows 10 October 2018 Update is here to save our eyes. Dark Mode is finally implemented for File Explorer, and it’s a stunner – not to mention a natural inclusion if you’ve had Dark Mode enabled this whole time like we have. 

First reviewed: July 2015

Images Credit: Microsoft