Ultimately, there's something for everyone in Windows 10 May 2019 Update. This update solidifies the success Windows 10 has enjoyed over the last few years. Installation is pain-free, performance is generally great, user experience is more streamlined, security is improved (with more options for businesses) – and, most compelling of all, it works, pure and simple.

It still has its share of annoyances, and there will always be some people who are so comfortable on Windows 7 (or even 8.1) that they won't want to upgrade until those OS’s get long in the tooth (or they replace the older peripherals for which hardware makers haven't put out device drivers).

Microsoft remains committed to the idea of universal apps, which now run on Xbox One (and HoloLens, for the few people who have access to it) as well as on Windows Mobile, and Store apps in general.

The quality of these remains mixed: Mail and Calendar are competent, though a long way behind the versions on Windows Mobile with Outlook (so it’s a good thing that users can now uninstall it, alongside other built-in app, to make space), and Skype is at last fully usable. Groove Music Pass has been completely axed, sadly. Edge has also graduated into a viable state. And, not only have desktop apps not been pushed aside, Microsoft is working on making them look better on high DPI, multi-screen systems.

What’s important here is that the steep learning curve that was there with Windows 8 or 8.1 is long gone. Even if people don’t get to grips with features like taskbar search or Task View, it won’t actually take anything away from their core experience of Windows 10. Pretty much everything that most people will need is in the Start menu or Action Center.

Plus, the fact that there will be plenty more updates after the Windows 10 May 2019 Update makes us confident that Windows 10 will just keep growing and will give its users ample opportunities and time to get to know it better.

Images Credit: Microsoft