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Samsung and ANZ team up and offer $240 off the latest Galaxy devices

In an effort to encourage more people to both adopt Samsung Pay and buy Galaxy products, ANZ and Samsung have announced a new offer that would give ANZ customers a big discount voucher for simply using the electronic payment service.

ANZ Customers who use Samsung Pay between now and October 18, 2017 will receive a $240 discount voucher towards the purchase of a Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or Gear S3

In order to be eligible for the offer, you must first make sure you've added your ANZ credit card to the Samsung Pay app. Next, go to the promotions/vouchers section of the Samsung Pay app to activate the offer. 

Once you've purchased something using Samsung Pay and received the voucher, it can only be redeemed on the Samsung online store. Take note, the voucher itself is only valid until January 18, 2018.