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Microsoft is thinking about making a sport-focused smartwatch

Microsoft is thinking about making a sport-focused smartwatch
Could Microsoft's new smartwatch be out before the iWatch?

Microsoft has patented a smartwatch that includes a removable display that you can dock on specially-enabled gym equipment.

The idea is that the actual computer bit of the smartwatch can be removed - much like the Sony Core - partly so that you can wash the wrist band after your sweaty workout.

The device would come with a number of biometric sensors to measure your heart rate and other elements, while the patent application also makes specific mention of music player, alarm clock, messaging and phone elements.

Dock o'clock

It also talks about a magnetic dock which you can use to charge the wearable, use it as an alarm clock or just admire it from afar.

The patent was filed way back in 2012, which makes us wonder if the Microsoft smartwatch is imminent or if the whole project has been canned.

After all, even Samsung admits that smartwatches aren't exactly flying off the shelves for now - but will the iWatch change all that?