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WhatsApp's new document-sharing feature is another shot at Slack


WhatsApp will now let users share documents with one another, another move to take on business-focused apps like Slack.

Right now documents are limited to PDFs, but you'll be able to pull them from cloud services such as Dropbox and iCloud. The update is available right now for both Android and iOS users. Once you've got it, you'll just need to hit the attachment button where you'll now see an option for 'Share Document'.

WhatsApp passed the 1 billion users mark in February, and now it seems all efforts are focused on providing those users with functionality beyond just messaging and voice calls. Many small businesses use WhatsApp, and the ability to share documents will no doubt be a welcomed feature.

WhatsApp's expansion of numbers of users in groups was the last hint that it's moving in Slack's direction, but it still has a way to go. Slack has grown at a phenomenal rate and it will take some serious work from WhatsApp if it ever wants to be the big player in the business domain.