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What happens to mobiles beyond the grave?

In these eco-friendly times, throwing your old mobile phone in the bin is on par with committing a crime. Recycling it is the way to go in order to stop toxic materials seeping into the ground.

A short video, called ‘The Secret Life of Cell Phones’, aims to show exactly what happens when you throw out your old mobile phone in the same way as you’d throw out general household waste, and what happens when you recycle it, the LA Times reports.

Mobile cashback

The video, posted on YouTube, reveals the secret life of mobile phones and other gadgets. It shows how easy it is to recycle your old gadgets - and it can even earn you money. Many services will give you a cashback alternative or vouchers as an incentive for recycling your old handset. Mobile phone recycling services are provided by firms such as Oxfam, Envirofone and Fonebak.

The firm behind ‘The Secret Life of Cell Phones’ is New York-based environmental organisation INFORM. It told the LA Times that more educational videos on how everyday products are disposed of will be available shortly.