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Study: mobile phones linked to infertility

High mobile phone use has been proven to affect men’s fertility by a new study.

Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic investigated whether there was a link between infertility and mobile phone use. The results of the research indeed show that high mobile phone use affects men’s semen quality, which can result in infertility,

Cellphone Digest


The study included 361 men who were divided into four groups according to their active mobile phone usage. The groups ranged from no use at all to more than four hours per day of active use.

Statistically significant

The Cleveland Clinic researchers measured various squirm-inducing parameters which included volume, liquefaction time, pH, viscosity, sperm count, motility, viability, and morphology.

The comparisons of sperm parameters among the four groups were ‘statistically significant’, the Cleveland Clinic researchers said. As the daily usage of a mobile phone increased, the quality of the sperm went down by two count groups.

High mobile phone use decreases men’s semen quality by reducing the sperm count and its mobility, the study concluded. The clinic said the results of study corresponded with studies conducted in previous years.

The good news is at least it's not radioactive.