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Sorry, but the iPhone 6S is probably going to be fatter

iPhone thickness
iPhone thickness

Prepare yourself: the iPhone 6S is launching later today, and we have even more evidence the announcement will send some into a furore as the phone looks set to be fatter than the iPhone 6.

Rumours have been building for weeks that the iPhone 6S will be fatter than the last phone, but now a new leak on Weibo seems to confirm the specs.

A Weibo user claims to have seen the placeholder pages for the iPhone 6S showing off the dimensions of the new phone as 138.2 x 67.6 x 7.1mm.

Thick and fast

That's very, very slightly longer than the iPhone 6 and 0.2mm thicker. The listing also confirms the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will both come in rose Gold as well as gold, silver and white as per usual.

It looks like the addition of Force Touch may be the reason for a bigger screen, or maybe it's to fit in a bigger battery for the new phone.

We found this news on french site Letemsvetemapplem that we haven't really heard of before so we recommend taking this news with a big bucket of salt. That said, we're heard so much about this before, it's sounding more convincing than ever.