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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 coming to the iPhone?

Sonic on the iPhone... da da da da da daaa
Sonic on the iPhone... da da da da da daaa

Sonic the Hedgehog 4, the title that's got nostalgic gaming juices running the world over, could be coming to a new platform.

The game has been officially announced for the PS3, Xbox and Wii so far, but a curious fourth platform (which is pleasingly 'locked' on the official page) is set to appear.

Kotaku is stating that this is going to be the iPhone, and given the hardware specs needed for such a release, we reckon the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch could handle a bit of speedy hedgehog action.

It's-a me, Sonic!

Elements of the source code have already been discovered for the game, with coloured blocks and hints about the length of episodes leaked (which some have posited might even show the presence of Mario – which shows how crazy rumours can get).

Either way, we're still excited that Sonic has returned to his roots of 2D running-very-fast, so the more ways we can get to play this, the better.

Although we're not sure an iPhone could out-last a Game Gear – that's a challenger waiting to happen.

Via Kotaku