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Snapchat adds motion-tracking stickers to your snapsterpieces

Snapchat adds motion-tracking stickers to your snapsterpieces

Barely a fortnight after debuting its revamped chatting interface, Snapchat is adding another layer of creative capability to the photo-sharing app with moving emoji stickers.

The update allows users to stamp the images onto their video snaps, which then move along with the subject. The software can keep a decal attached to a moving bus, track a bicycle emoji alongside a real bike, or stick a smiley onto a cat like a mask as it goes about its usual cat-related business.

Getting the images to animate with your subject is a snap (pun unintended) as the app instantly moves, scales, and turns the sticker on the fly, showing off a taste of Snapchat's motion-tracking tech - which is usually reserved for its novelty selfie lenses.

Android users can get their hands on moving emojis today, though Snapchat has assured us that iOS users will be caught up very shortly. In the meantime, we look forward to whatever wonders or weirdness will pop up in our Stories feed.

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