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Samsung not bringing Android phone to MWC

Samsung not bringing Android to MWC
Samsung not bringing Android to MWC

Samsung's expected release of an Android handset at Mobile World Congress looks unlikely according to a key exec.

Younghee Lee, head of marketing for Samsung Mobile, told the Guardian that the company would be holding fire on a phone running Google's OS until later in the year.

However, she did tell the Guardian that the phone would be designed by Samsung rather than farmed out to another manufacturer, and that the company was 'planning internally' for the launch in the second half of 2009.

Finger in every pie

Samsung is a company that belongs to nearly every handset alliance out there, with phones running S60 and Windows Mobile, in addition to the expected Android.

LG is also a member of the Open Handset Alliance and is rumoured to be bringing an Android-powered handset to the event... given the two Korean companies' love of one-upmanship, this could be a significant win for the Lucky Group.

Samsung recently announced its flagship handset, the Tocco Ultra Edition, prior to MWC, but up to 12 other handsets have been rumoured, so it's likely we'll be seeing something else to get excited about, even if it isn't a game-changing Android handset.

Via The Guardian