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Project Canvas 'not coming to smartphones'

Anthony Rose - speaking in London this week
Anthony Rose - speaking in London this week

Project Canvas, the internet-connected TV platform will only be available on set-top boxes for the foreseeable future, according to its CTO Anthony Rose, even though it is possible to port the service on to other devices.

Speaking at the Speaking Intel's Shaping the Future of TV conference in London, Rose admitted that it is unlikely that we will see Project Canvas anywhere but on set-top boxes.

"The problem is not about the technology but the content rights. By creating fragment offerings too soon you will confuse the market," explains Rose.

"We will have a Canvas website where you can look at listings and choose your favourite shows and this will go straight to your box, but we will keep things on the TV at the moment and not on mobiles or any other devices."

TV on the go

Mobile TV is set for resurgence, with news just this week that trials are taking place of a new mobile TV network which will allow the broadcast of television on to handsets, without the fear of bandwidth problems.

Expect to see Project Canvas set-top boxes in 2011, with the devices costing around £200 – although there are talks that these will be subsidised with subscription-based packages.