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Palm Pre designer leaves company

Palm Pre designer leaves Palm/HP
Palm Pre designer leaves Palm/HP

Palm Pre designer Peter Skillman is the latest senior exec to leave Palm/HP, following the scandalous exit of HP boss Mark Hurd earlier this month.

TechCrunch reports that Skillman, designer of the Pre, has left HP/Palm after an 11-year tenure with the company.

The Palm Pre was critically well received, although didn't achieve the commercial success the company had hoped for.

HP developing webOS

HP bought Palm earlier this year, and the company is set to develop Palm's webOS mobile operating system in the future.

Skillman's departure follows soon after a number of other senior Palm execs have left the company, including Mike Bell (ex VP of Product Development), Matias Duarte (who used to head up webOS design work), and Michael Abbott (who headed up webOS).

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein is still at Palm/HP, and it seems those rumours that he was also set to leave the company were off the mark.

Via TechCrunch