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Nike+ Sportband with sharper screen unveiled

The new Nike+ Sportband
The new Nike+ Sportband

Nike has updated its Nike+ Sportband to give runners even easier access to all their running information on the go.

The new designs, available in a lovely fluorescent yellow and black or hot pink and white now feature a shock absorbent design with improved accuracy.

The screen is now a sharper effort as well, with a white background giving better visibility to your run stats.

Download data

Users can then download up to 16 hours of data to their computer via the inbuilt USB connector to check out how far they've run, and if they're feeling pretty special about what they've achieved they can share it with the Nike+ community.

The Nike+ Sportband connects to a small sensor in the footwear to register how far has been run, in a similar way to the Nike+ sport system for the iPod and iPhone range, but obviously without the tunes.

You can also use the new Sportband as a watch as well, so your friends can see just how sporty and therefore attractive you really are.

Coming in at £40, the new Sportband will be available from 1 August in all those fitness places you keep meaning to go into but can never bring yourself to enter.