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New Oppo N3 render leaks, and it's nothing like the last one

Oppo N3 render
We definitely prefer this one

Just a few days ago we saw what was apparently an Oppo N3 press image, but now a new render has appeared sporting a completely different design.

The image, leaked to, shows a phone which looks a lot like the Oppo N1, complete with what appears to be a rotatable camera and a dual LED flash. The other image we saw also had a rotatable camera, but with a cylindrical design to it which we're not entirely convinced by.

Presumably only one of these images can be the real deal (if either are, at all) and personally we're hoping this new one is, because it looks more like an actual phone and less like a retro fantasy.

Oppo N3 invite

No other details accompanied the image but SoyaCincau also received an invitation for an N3 launch event on October 29.

Sadly the invitation itself was no more revealing, saying simply 'one more step designed for life' but with October fast approaching we should soon know which design is real and what else we can expect from the Oppo N3.