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New Moto E combines speedy 4G with a great price

Moto E

Right on time, Motorola's mystery box has arrived, but you get no points for guessing the contents: a new Moto E.

Motorola's E has been updated for 2015, packing in 4G and Android Lollipop 5.02, the latest version of Google's OS, for an affordable price of £109/$119.

The screen has also been boosted to 4.5 inches (still 960 x 540) and the CPU up to a quad-core at 1.2GHz. The updated phone also offers 8GB, 4GB better than the last model.

The build feels robust but not cheap - you're obviously not getting a design that quite matches the Moto X, but it's not far off.

The phone goes on sale today, and we'll update with more info and impressions as we have them.