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Moto Milestone 2 looks set for massive hardware upgrade

The Motorola Shadow - looks a bit bright to us
The Motorola Shadow - looks a bit bright to us

Motorola might have gone slightly quiet in the UK with its Android handsets, but another future model has been spotted with some very high-end specs.

The Motorola Shadow has trundled through the Wi-Fi alliance, and shows a phone that has a 4.3-inch high res screen, an 8MP camera with HD video recording, and the ability to pump out 1080p video.

To achieve this, the Motorola Shadow will apparently come equipped with a mini-HDMI output, so you can carry all your favourite HD movies with you for your friends' viewing pleasure.


'Pictures' of the phone have also surfaced on a Chinese blog, showing a phone with a design very similar to that of the Milestone.

And the kicker: apparently the shadow will be the first to bring Android 2.2/Froyo, just as the Milestone was the first to show off Android 2.0/Éclair.

This is more than just cool, it hints that Android is indeed getting memory card storage for apps, as a paltry 512MB internal storage will barely hold any HD footage at all, so this is a phone that will need a big memory card by default.

From Ameblo via Gizmodo