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Mobile phones to get 20MP camera sensors

20MP cameraphones set to blow the Satio out of the imaging water
20MP cameraphones set to blow the Satio out of the imaging water

Texas Instruments has announced that it is to manufacturer processors which will bring full-blown camera and camcorder functionality to the next generation of smartphones.

The co-processors, snappily titled OMAP-DM515 and OMAP-DM525 are said to: "accelerate imaging and video performance; giving handset manufacturers an easy way to upgrade existing handset designs with cutting-edge multimedia capabilities."

DSLR-like imaging

This means that the humble handset could well be given DSLR-like imaging capabilities. It's not just about still images, either.

Texas Instruments has explained that mobiles could get 720p HD video capture in the near future and other camera features including: smart lighting, face tracking and auto scene detector.

Also included on the new co-processors is TV-out functionality.

The highest MP cameraphone in the market at the moment is the Sony Ericcson Satio; it boasts a 12.1MP sensor, something the OMAP-DM515 processor is capable of delivering.

It will be interesting to see which mobiles come to market first packing the OMAP-DM525's 20 megapixel power.