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iPhone 3G set to be offered for free

The iPhone comes for free
The iPhone comes for free

Softbank, the Japanese mobile phone carrier, has announced it will be offering the iPhone for free on contract.

Those customers interested in picking up the handset for free will have to make do with an 8GB model, as part of Softbank's "iPhone for everybody" campaign.

Those of you Japanese-types yearning for a 16GB model will need to pay a certain amount, but it's difficult to know how much that will be.

£75 for the 16GB iPhone?

Trundling the Japanese press release through various pieces of translation software seems to be saying that you can pay 480 Yen per month (around £3) and that will bring you the 16GB version, which doesn't seem too expensive, as even over a 24-month contract that's still only around £75.

Monthly contracts will seemingly cost around £30-£40 per month, with data charged at a fixed amount, possibly based on a similar model to that found in Europe with the likes of O2.

Anyway, feel free to have your own crack with the Japanese press release, and if any of you out there can decipher it any better for TechRadar, please let us know!

From Softbank via BGR