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BitTorrent comes to mobile phones

You're now able to manage your BitTorrent downloads using handsets such as the Nokia N70 and the Sony Ericsson K750

Peer-to-peer downloading software BitTorrent is now available for mobile phones.

The mobile µTorrent mUI interface enables you to control your torrent downloads remotely, using phones like the Sony Ericsson K750 and Nokia N70. You can also pause or discontinue downloads. You can't add torrents to the BitTorrent interface yet, but this capability may be added in the future, Slyck News reports.

Remotely controlling a P2P application via the web is nothing new but it is the first time that BitTorrent downloads can be managed from a mobile phone. Various services, including eMule , µTorrent and Azureus have previously introduced the concept to the BitTorrent community.