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Disposable phone to hit UK

No screening calls

Despite the efforts of green organisations across the globe we are, it has to be said, a disposable community. And with an as-yet unnamed European distributor buying 10,000 $20 phones, things may just be getting worse.

Apparently, US manufacturer Hop-on has been given an order for its screen-less phone and is fully expecting an even bigger order if the concept is adopted.


Peter Michaels, president of Hop-on said, "During our meetings with distributors in Vegas the response to our simple, inexpensive, $20 phone (Eur13) was phenomenal. The initial test purchase order with multiple purchase orders behind it is a big step in introducing Hop-on to Europe."

It seems unlikely that the product would go on sale for £10, but the prospect of a phone at a price point that can only be described as cheap seems to be a very real one.

Disposable incoming

Which means that we could soon see people snapping up a disposable phone and a pay as you go card and chucking the whole lot in the nearest bin when they have run out of credit.

Will somebody think of the children?