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Confirmed: Tesco Mobile gets iPhone

Tescos gets iPhone, hopefully for Xmas 2009 says PR
Tescos gets iPhone, hopefully for Xmas 2009 says PR

Tescos is set to get the iPhone for Christmas 2009, with Apple's smartphone being made available on both PAYG and contract deals by the high street supermarket giant.

TechRadar has spoken to the company's press office and we await further details on pricing, tariffs and more.

What they did tell us is that they are "looking for the best deals for their customers" and they they "are not willing to compromise, so will hopefully have the iPhone available in time for Christmas providing that we can offer it at a price our customers will be happy with."

A dedicated iPhone page on Tesco Mobile can now be found at

Stay tuned. And don't go buying any more Christmas presents until you read our Tesco Mobile incoming news updates!


Tesco Mobile through its joint venture partnership with O2 is pleased to announce that it will shortly introduce iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in Tesco Phone Shops and online through Tesco Direct in the UK.

For further information and for customers interested in pre-registration please visit

For more information on iPhone, please visit

More information can be found on Tesco Mobile at