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Arrange a funeral for your old mobile

If you have a collection of old mobile phones lying around, why not give them a proper burial?

If you feel particularly attached to an old mobile phones of yours and wish to give it an OTT send-off, look no further than

The website, which also sells ringtones and Java games, has launched a burial service for old mobile phones.

Sexy landfill

You post your old mobile phone to Birmingham-based firm Mobile Fun and 'for a small fee' (around £20), the handset will apparently be taken and buried in Russia.

It will then rest in peace inside a metal coffin in the middle of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA), the largest magnetic anomaly on earth thanks to an astronomical amount of iron ore underground.

"For an additional £5 your old mobile phone can send a final farewell SMS text message from Russia to your new mobile," added Matthew Page, mobile content and PSMS manager at Mobile Fun.

Any environmental issues have apparently been cleared with local authorities in Russia, a Mobile Fun spokesman told us - "it's their headache, not ours."

A cheaper and greener alternative would be to recycle your old handset through services such as Oxfam, Envirofone and Fonebak. Many services will also give you a cash back alternative or vouchers as an incentive for recycling your old handset.