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3's portable modem turns 3G into Wi-Fi

3 has launched what it believes is the next generation in Wi-fi routers - portable devices that turn a 3G signal into Wi-Fi for all to enjoy.

The MiFi device is smaller than most mobile phones, measuring just 86 x 45 x 10mm and allows you to create a personal internet connection. This means multiple PCs can enjoy the mobile broadband speeds, and also Wi-Fi only devices can connect up too.

All that's needed is a 3G signal for the modem to work, which is battery powered as well, making it the industry's first mobile Wi-Fi router.

3G to Wi-Fi - again

This isn't the first 3G-to-Wi-Fi router the world has seen, as 3 also released a similar device, the D100, at the tail end of last year. However, this one was mains powered and couldn't be carted around town.

The new device will be launched close to Christmas in the UK, and is sure to rival the Buzz Lightyear / Teletubbies / Wii Fit (whatever's big these days) at the top of kids' wishlist.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but we're hoping all the pretty lights on top of the MiFi device are actually some kind of clever game too. (NB - we've spoken to 3, and they're not.)