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10 courtroom secrets from the Apple vs Samsung feud

10 courtroom secrets from the Apple v Samsung feud
Let's just settle this with a game of Top Trumps, yeah guys?

Apple and Samsung continue to act like a couple of squabbling teens, trying their best to get each the other into trouble and throwing a tantrum whenever it thinks each is stealing their stuff.

The latest battle from the courtroom floor has thrown up a number of fascinating insights into the ongoing rivalry between the two tech giants: one which Steve Jobs himself once dubbed a "holy war."

While this is bad news for Apple and Samsung, it's great news for anyone eager to hear the stuff the companies would rather keep under wraps. For example, did you know that Samsung follows iPhone rumours, or that Apple really does think it has some catching up to do with Android?

Now your ears are burning, huh? Click on the video below to find out the top 10 secrets from the Samsung vs Apple courtroom battle.