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BT cuts Wi-Fi subscription rates by half

BT plans to expand its Openzone service
BT plans to expand its Openzone service

BT wants more people to connect using its Openzone service, and has slashed the cost of subscribing in a mission to do so.

In addition, it has also added a number of new hotspots through deals with other providers that take the number of options up to 50,000 internationally, and over 100,000 in the UK and Ireland.

Power lunches

Prices for a month's subscription start as low as £5 per month, with the highest being for business power users who browse over important lunches with important people. And it only costs them £28 a month!

The new deal BT has signed with Swisscom Hospitality Services gives access to 2,500 new sites throughout Europe, including NH Hotels and Hilton in Continental Europe, and will come online before 2009.

It also has a tie-up with Comfone, which will provide access to 418 hotspots in France.

The use of Wi-Fi is also starting to pick up with mobile users, with people keen to be able to access information as fast as possible on modern handsets without munching into a fairly low data allowance on some contracts.