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Samsung i8510 breaks cover as INNOV8

Samsung has taken the covers off its latest handset to boost its mobile presence and has morphed the i8510, its first 8MP camera, into the INNOV8.

The likelihood is it will launch in UK as early as August this year, making it the first 8MP snapper on the market.

The OS is based on Symbian OS v9.3 and is the latest version of the system. It also packs DivX support like a number of recent LG handsets, as the Koreans look to bring video properly to the mobile market.


3.5G high-speed capabilities are a no-brainer in a handset like this, as without it the phone would have been like a duck with no feet.

But throw in some GPS navigational abilities, a WiFi connection for…well, wireless internet and all that comes with it and an optical mouse a la the Omnia (the latest Samsung power-phone) and quickly it shows Samsung has grown a formidable Nokia N96-beater.

It will launch within a month over here, and be expanded to other territories around the world during September. Keep an eye on this one, as it could be a really big seller if Samsung's previous models are anything to go by.