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RIM finally releases Pearl 8220 'Kickstart'

The BlackBerry Kickstart...aka Pearl 8220
The BlackBerry Kickstart...aka Pearl 8220

Reports are surfacing of the new BlackBerry Kickstart, aka the Pearl 8220, being released in the US, which means a UK launch can't be too far behind.

Berryreporter appears to be living up to its name, by reporting the new BlackBerry flip phone, the first of its kind, has been released in the US, two days ahead of the commonly believed schedule.

Over the pond

T-Mobile USA will be handling the device over the pond, which, as we know, brings Wi-Fi, microSD storage, dual-light sensing displays and the good old SureType keyboard.

The UK's official launch date is still 'autumn', so if you're holding your breath you won't have too much longer to wait it seems (though it's unlikely to debut in the next eight minutes, so if you are holding your breath we'd suggest you exhale in case you die.)