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Popcorn-popping mobile phones ads explained

Mobile phones cannot pop corn - official
Mobile phones cannot pop corn - official

Much chatter across the web this week centred on a viral video that showed people appearing to pop popcorn via excessive radioation emerging from their cellphones.

It now turns out that the videos were viral advertising campaign commissioned by a Bluetooth headset retailer called Cardo Systems.

In a video posted to YouTube called "Cellphone Popcorn Mystery Resolved," an ad for the company's headsets follows the grainy footage of friends popping corn with their phones.

Spreading like wildfire

"The videos are spreading like wildfire, and becoming something of an urban legend," said Kathryn Rhodes, the national marketing manager at Cardo Systems told Wired this week..

Wired notes that “the steadily growing onslaught of stealth marketing -- or "murketing," as New York Times Magazine writer Rob Walker dubbed it -- is delivering via a never-ending stream of crazy stunts (and, sometimes, head-scratching bafflement).”