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HP boss confirms PalmPad name

HP confirms name of forthcoming 'PalmPad' device
HP confirms name of forthcoming 'PalmPad' device

HP boss Todd Bradley has revealed the existence of a device called the PalmPad, due for release in early 2011.

Tablet PCs are, of course, all the rage right now. Which is why it is interesting that HP's Todd Bradley just confirmed that the company is planning to release a new 'PalmPad' computer early next year.

PalmPad in 2011

HP's webOS-based tablet will arrive at some as-yet-unspecified date in 2011, as was revealed in an analyst meeting earlier this month, when HP EVP Todd Bradley was the first to actually refer to the product by the name 'PalmPad'.

"We've already announced the expansion of our future product portfolio well beyond smartphones. We'll have a webOS-powered PalmPad that will be set for release early in 2011," said the HP boss.

Watch out for more news updates on HP's new webOS tablet PC as and when we get them.

If you want to know lots more about the plans for the PalmPad, then you can watch a video of the aforementioned HP Securities Analyst Meeting, which the company broadcast live online.

Via The official HP corporate blog