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YouTube to premiere show from Robot Chicken team

Stoopid Monkey - coming soon to YouTube
Stoopid Monkey - coming soon to YouTube

YouTube will be soon be showing off a new comedy from the team behind the occasionally genius Robot Chicken.

Actor Seth Green and Matther Senreich - who won an Emmy for Robot Chicken - will team up again for Stoopid Monkey, a mix of live action and stop motion.

The series will air every Friday with two episodes a week from July 15.

"We are beyond excited to be part of YouTube's creator-friendly program and thrilled to team with Joe and our friends at Buddy System Studios," said Green and Senreich.

Web content

The duo have had a deal with YouTube for some time, and the rise and rise of web content is becoming one of the media stories of the decade.

The likes of Felicia Day's The Guild and the Joss Whedon penned Dr Horrible's sing-along-blog have proven to be major hits as more of us turn to the internet for video entertainment.

Stoopid Monkey is the name of Green and Senreich's production company and is named after a quote from Futurama's Dr Farnsworth.

Via Deadline