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YouTube socialises its Annotations feature

YouTube's annotations open to the public
YouTube's annotations open to the public

YouTube has updated its Annotations feature so you can now invite your friends to scrawl nonsense on your uploaded videos.

The feature was first introduced last June, and is proving very popular with self-promoters and the like, as it allows you to add speech bubbles, notes, and highlight boxes to your own videos.

Collaborative Annotations

The update means that you can now perform Collaborative Annotations.

This means you can send video links out to your mates, through the Annotations Editor found on your My Videos page. Once a friend has the link, they can write comments to their heart's content.

If you don't like what people are writing, then you have the control to edit any message posted.

For those who aren't exactly thrilled with the idea of watching YouTube videos splattered with user-generated graffiti, you'll be pleased to hear that the video website now also offers the ability to turn the feature off.

It would be even better if the annotations were turned off by default, but at least YouTube now gives you a choice, some eight months after the feature first debuted.