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Gmail more popular than YouTube

Gmail gaining in popularity
Gmail gaining in popularity

It's an online fight which won't worry Google too much, as it owns both the websites, but new results from web traffic measurer Hitwise puts Gmail ahead of YouTube in terms of visits.

Hitwise's latest statistics found that in the last fortnight, Gmail was second most visited Google owned site (the first is unsurprisingly Google's search page) with YouTube trailing in third place.

70 per cent growth

In terms of traffic to Google-owned properties, Google search gets a massive 68.32 per cent of traffic, with Gmail used by 9.79 per cent of users. YouTube is down to just 9.27 per cent.

For Gmail, this means that it has increased in popularity year on year by a whopping 70 per cent. YouTube's growth is just 16 per cent.

Good new for Gmail, then, which despite some bad press on its outages is really making its mark as an email service.