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BT brings announces fibre optic rollout in Cornwall

BT - becoming a good source of fibre
BT - becoming a good source of fibre

Cornwall is to get a broadband infrastructure boost, with news that BT is to rollout fibre optic cables to 90 per cent of homes in the county.

The project is to take four years and is set to cost £132 million.

BT isn't bearing the financial brunt of the whole thing, however. It will be stumping up £78 million and the EU's European Regional Development Fund will contribute around £53 million.

Big steps

Ed Vaizey, communications minister, said about the project: "The government wants the UK to have the best broadband network in Europe by 2015, so today's announcement is a big step towards that goal."

There will be two different fibre technologies coming to Cornwall. The project will be a 50/50 split of fibre-to-the-home technology (FTTH) and the slower fibre-to-the-cabinet technology (FTTC).

Essentially this means that 50 per cent of the lines will be pure fibre optics (FTTH) while the other 50 per cent will be based on copper lines – which is slower.

If successful it will be used as a blueprint for future rollouts of superfast broadband to rural communities.

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