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Give yourself a massive broadband boost

"Cheer up fella, you have got 100Mbit/s broadband you know." "I know. I've just received the bill." "Ouch."

If your broadband is choking on all the music, movies and files you're downloading then get yourself down to Kent where BT will install a 100Mbit/s Fibre to the Home (FTTH) service.

Fibre-to-the-Home involves laying fibre optic cables instead of old-fashioned copper to your house and results in broadband speeds of up to 100Mbit/s - that's fast enough to stream multiple high-definition channels simultaneously. Who needs HD DVD or Blu-ray now?

BT plans to lay fibre optic cables to 10,000 homes in a new development at Ebbsfleet Valley from August. Businesses, community and leisure facilities will also get broadband super-speeds.

But even if you're not willing to up sticks to this newly developed corner of the Garden of England, there's no need to give up hope entirely. BT is introducing 24Mbit/s broadband over copper cable networks this spring.