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BBC re-launches iPlayer on Wii to fix problems

BBC iPlayer re-optimised for the web
BBC iPlayer re-optimised for the web

The BBC has decided to re-launch its BBC iPlayer platform for the Wii after complaints of an unusable interface on the console.

The new dedicated channel will launch on 18 November, and will be a free download to all UK broadband users (with a Wii obviously).

Wii players will be able to head to the online shop to download the new software to get BBC iPlayering on their low-cost console.

Target audience

According to the BBC, Wii owners have watched or listened to 900,000 TV and radio shows on the iPlayer platform since it launched in April 2008.

It was actually re-optimised for the TV back in October last year, making the buttons a lot bigger to be hit with the Wii remote.

The BBC has not said whether the streams will be optimised to look better on the Wii too, but has recently pointed at the 6 million consoles in the UK as an important target market for the firm.